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      We are a community of people helping others learn to be at ease. 

      Be At Ease Co. is founded upon a simple phrase used throughout our home for generations. It evolved from a casual conversation starter, to a lifestyle. The story of its origin began with my great-grandfather, whom everyone called Papa Cash. Papa Cash lived through the Great Depression and saw the world turned upside down many times during his 90 plus years.

      As a result, nothing seemed to take him by surprise. He knew trouble would visit us all, but was wise enough to know that we nearly always got to the other side eventually. His often spoken phrase, “be at ease,” became a mantra learned by a lifetime of experience that he sought to spread to the rest of his family.

      And now we want to share it with you. In a world filled with lots of anxiety, stress, worry, and fear, we hope these products will be a simple reminder to rest and take it easy.

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