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About Us


American Sewing

Sewing is in our DNA.  Our family has been in the apparel industry 

since the 1970's.  We have seen a lot of changes, but this one is 

the most exciting we have ever encountered.  We look forward to

launching with you soon!


Quality and Integrity

Our mission has always been to make the best apparel in the industry. We have stayed true to our roots and have continually sourced the finest raw materials we can find.  We are also control freaks, so every garment manufactured has to be made by our own team here in the USA, or with one of our partners who are just as committed to quality as we are! 



Millennial has been in the making for over a year now.

Our design team has been creating styles all geared towards today's fresh urban landscape.  Stay tuned, we look forward to what is coming to the market over the next few months.